Sunday, December 28, 2008

Episode 3

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Space, time, money and no pressure - what else do you need?

In this Episode (3), I talk about creating a space to create and giving yourself time to create without distractions. I touch on money and our attitudes toward it, and lastly about some of the pressures we can put on ourselves as artists. Enjoy, subscribe, and recharge your creativity!

Saturday, December 27, 2008

Episode 2

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In this second episode Aaron talks about "The Beast". Intrigued? He also touches on gratitude, abundance, and responds to comments on the first episode.

Grab a coffee or tea (or some other beverage), sit back, relax, and plug in to this easy going, relaxed exploration of freeing our selves from...what else? Ourselves!

Episode 1

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In this introductory episode, I learn a few things (like talk directly into the mic at all times!) and shares my philosophy about art.

In addition, I suggest a project for freeing the mind from judgment and I talk about where this show will be heading in future episodes.

Not in the podcast, but on my list is a visit to a Chocolatier, a sit down with one of Canada's premier thespians and writers, and a visit to public and private galleries to get the low-down on making a career.

Production value: low

Overall value: I hope it's good for you, because it was great for me!